Confined Space Entry


Confined space Entry Training

Course Description :

It is imperative that anyone working in or around confined spaces complete a Confined Space Entry Training course. Learning how to keep you and those around you safe while working in a confined space is an essential part of many jobs.

Working with confined spaces exists within many workplaces. These confined spaces are defined as spaces with configurations that hinder the activities of employees who must enter, work in, and exit them. Because of the limited ways an employee can enter and exit these spaces, confined spaces may contain hazards and are not designed for continuous employee use.

Confined spaces include but are not limited to tanks, utility holes, underground vaults, storage bins, pipelines, pits, silos, and process vessels.

Workers who commonly need confined space entry safety training include firefighters, construction workers, maintenance technicians, building engineers, lab technicians, welders, pipeline workers, HVAC technicians, emergency response personnel, those working in general industry safety roles, and more. The program provides complete information on Electrical Safety. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Confined space Entry certificate course and completion card within 4-6 weeks.

Course Objectives :
  • Understand the scope & application of OSHA’s various confined space entry standards
  • Identify “Confined Spaces”, then determine if they are “Permit Required”
  • Understand OSHA requirements for developing and maintaining a “Permit-required confined space entry program”
  • Know responsibilities of entrants, attendants, entry supervisors, contractors
  • Identify when you may utilize OSHA’s “Alternate Entry” and “Reclassification” procedures
  • Understand the requirements for “Rescue & Emergency Services”
Mode of Study :

Face to Face (1 Day Course)

Online (ZOOM)



Once you have completed each module, you must pass a final exam to receive full credit for the course. The final exam consists of 10 questions. It tests your knowledge of the information covered throughout the course. After three tries, participants who fail the exam are not allowed to continue with an online training format for your Outreach training.

Time to Completion

Once you enroll in the E-Learning Training course you have six months from the time you start this course to complete it in order to receive credit. After six months, your account will expire and you will be required to purchase the course again if you wish to complete it.

Course Outline :

Course Topics

  • Definition and types of confined spaces
  • Confined space hazards
  • Permits to work
  • Safe working procedures
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Gas testing
  • Isolations
  • Communications
  • Risk Assessment
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Accidents and emergency rescue techniques